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Filling capabilities

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate dosage, minimising over-fill, thereby reducing product wastage and production costs.

We specialise in difficult to fill products, such as highly viscose and high-foaming, using world-leading patented technology.


Corrosive, abrasive and volatile liquids are also no problem for Mengibar UK. For explosive materials, machines can be built to ATEX specifications.

Specialist filling machines can produce  swirl-fill and fill hot liquids.

From water-based to wax, we have a solution!

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Capping machines

Alongside filling lines, Mengibar manufactures capping machines and has experience in capping any kind of closure, including trigger pumps, dosing pumps, screw-on, snap-on and orientated caps.

Mengibar Rotary Pump Capper is the flagship unit for Mengibar’s capping technology. It’s unique in its performance as it features Electronic Torque Control and Electronic Cams to allow the machine to adjust to different tube lengths and flexibility. This means that different types of closure can be done using the same machine, making it an invaluable component in a factory with several different lines.​

Mengibar also manufactures a simpler rotary version for regular caps where no pumps are required to pass through the line, including screw-on caps, snap-on caps, twist-off caps, plugs, pilfer-proof roll-on, caps with aluminium seal, cream cover discs, brush type caps, cylindrical corks, headed corks, spouts, oriented caps, etc.

Mengibar Cappers can be installed as stand-alone machines or as part of Monoblocks combining different operations in the same machine base, such as filling and plugging.

Unique solutions

In addition to capping and filling, Mengibar has proven experience in creating bottle handling solutions for both large and small factories. Some examples of unique product lines Mengibar has handled include stick AP-DEO lines and Air Freshener Assembly and Packaging.

Between expertise in capping, filling and bottle handling, Mengibar can provide you with a packaging solution across your line, supported with an end-to-end service to design and build all elements.


Client Testimonials

“The big difference we’ve noticed is the increase in line speed, from around 30 or 35 per minute to 50. It’s been so successful that we now employ an extra operator on the line as it’s running much faster, but the increased production has more than paid for the extra person. Up until now the engineers haven’t had a single complaint.”

Jason Rose, DDD Ltd.

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