Fabulosa Scented Disinfectant Line goes from Strength to Strength

Disruptive Cheshire based brand invested in a Mengibar high speed trigger capping solution, more than doubling production levels to keep up with soaring demand

Increased need for hygiene and disinfectant products during the pandemic gave innovative brand Fabulosa the leg up that it needed in the UK retail network. With the focus on NPD driven by evocative fragrances, exponential growth from a single product range in 2019 looks set to continue.

A sharp surge in retail orders meant the company were employing extra staff to run long shifts. With up to 14 staff members at a time managing the manual inserting and tightening of 50 bottles per minute, the ongoing shortage of manufacturing staff and pandemic restrictions were at risk of affecting the company’s overall output figures.

Realising that the manual process wasn’t sustainable, Fabulosa’s relationship with Mengibar UK began following a positive referral in 2020. Armed with a full understanding of Fabulosa’s needs and expectations, the Mengibar UK team were able to offer a high-speed trigger capping solution to manage input from multiple filling lines, with production levels of up to 140 bottles per minute.

Working collaboratively, the preferred factory layout was finalised and the detailed technology specification was validated through rigid product testing using Fabulosa’s chosen bottles and triggers. Mengibar’s scalable solutions meant Fabulosa was able to make dynamic decisions throughout the build, adding a further four capping heads to meet the ongoing increase in demand.

Covid restrictions meant that the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was successfully carried out via video link in May 2021. The trigger sorter and capper were scrutinised in detail, with a series of tests to ensure that they met Fabulosa’s strict FAT protocol. From viewing high speed outputs, through to demonstrations of the rejection system for non-compliant packaging, their new investment passed with flying colours.

Commissioned In June 2021, the completed Mengibar trigger capper and sorter was installed in the brand’s original Crewe based factory and has since been relocated to Fabulosa’s much larger site, giving them scope for continued growth.

Several months on and Mengibar UK returned to Fabulosa’s new factory to check in and see how things were going. They were welcomed by a very happy Jim Gilford, Engineering Manager. Jim is clearly a huge fan of the new technology that now enables capping of up to 140 bottles per minute, leading to production levels of more than double those of previous years.

With Mengibar’s focus on continuous improvements, Jim openly praised them by saying that he’s never taken delivery of a new piece of technology that he doesn’t want to change in some way and Mengibar is the exception to the rule.

He went on to say that there’s nothing that he would change to improve it. As well as significantly increasing productivity and reducing the labour involvement to the manual packing of direct mail orders, the new Mengibar technology has also led to a decrease in customer service complaints relating to loose caps.

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