Filling, and capping solutions for water-based to wax products.

Complex filling is our speciality.


Complex filling is our speciality

Mengibar UK offers rotary and monoblock filling machines with flowmeter technology, ensuring accuracy and reliability, by reducing product loss due to overfill.  

Sensitive products, such as high-foaming and dense, viscose items are easily and efficiently handled.

Corrosive, abrasive and volatile filling are no problem and machines can be adapted to comply with ATEX standards for potentially explosive products.

Hot-fill applications require precise filling conditions. The control of the product flow and temperature can be accurately adjusted and maintained throughout the filling process, regardless of the viscosity of the liquefied product, to produce consistent results without crystallisation.

Hot-fill is particularly suitable for air fresheners, stick deodorants and scented candles.

For information on our multi-stream/swirl fill technology, please see 'Special Applications'.